How It Works

Incoming Materials

Tank TruckMaterial will arrive at the UCS, LLC facility via tank trucks, hydro-vac trucks or in vacuum boxes. All shipments will arrive with manifests and certifications from the customer and trucking company verifying the material as non-hazardous. Prior to unloading any material, UCS, LLC will conduct analytical tests to verify that the incoming material on location is non-hazardous.

Material will be tested at the facility for : pH, chlorides, conductivity and temperature.


All the material arriving at the site will either be in liquid or solid form. In order to allow the emplacement of the material into the salt cavern, the materials must be converted into a liquid slurry form. Once the slurry material has been confirmed as non-hazardous by UCS, LLC , the material will be emplaced into the open void space of the salt cavern.

BenefitsStorage Unit

Enhance or stabilize the overlying stratigraphic layers located above the salt cavern. This will help prevent any subsidence from occurring at the facility.


Diagram of the Process

Diagram of the Process